Commonwealth War Graves Roman Catholic Cemetery Tubbergen

On Tubbergen Roman Catholic Cemetery are 13 Commonwealth war graves.
These are the graves of:

RCAF 405 Sqdn., died on 21-07-1944:
Pilot Officer (W.Op./Air Gnr.) A.J. Britts, J/88665, age unknown
Pilot Officer (Air Bomber) V.F. Dodds, J/89743, age 23
Flying Officer (Nav.) J.J.R. Johnston, J/24921, age unknown
Flight Lieutenant (Pilot) J.D. Virtue, J/7905, age 28.
RAF 405 (RCAF) Sqdn.:
Sergeant (Air Gnr.) T. Davenport, 1354430, age 21
Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) P.N. Gilbert, 1582850, age 21
Flying Officer (Air Bomber) A.G. McCarthy, 169703, age unknown.

RAF 625 Sqdn., died on 25-03-1944:
Sergeant (Flt. Engr.) W.H. Broadmore, 1437834, age 21
Sergeant (Air Gnr.) W. Clark, 1371877, age 22
Sergeant (Nav.) J.C.A.D. Lavender, 1398485, age 20
Sergeant (W.Op/Air Gnr.) P.H. Simpkin 1388315, age 22.
RCAF 625 (RAF) Sqdn.:
Flight Sergeant (Air Gnr.) H.W. Nixon R/175117, age unknown
Warrant Officer Classll (Pilot) J.D. Owen R/138002, age unknown.

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