Graves War Victims Catholic Churchyard Jutphaas (Nieuwegein)

Two war victims are buried in the catholic H Nicolaas churchyard of the former municipality Jutphaas, nowadays Nieuwegein.

Frans Luiten and four others died in an incident on 7 May 1945.

There are various versions about the events that led to the tragic death so shortly after the liberation. The reason was a drunk German officer who would have waved a gun and threatened the party crowd. He was then shot by someone from the Interior Forces. A number of German soldiers started a pursuit in which several victims fell.

- Theo Hanselaar (BS) had fled into the town hall, jumped out of a window and then hid himself in a cupboard on Herenstraat 8. When he was discovered, the cupboard was riddled with bullets.
- Aart Kors (BS) was shot on the run in the meadow behind the town hall.
- Willem Spies fled into the meadows and was shot.
- Jan Streefkerk fled into the meadows and was shot.
- Frans Luiten was hit by a stray bullet, but died of an arterial bleeding.

The others are buried in the municipal cemetery [towid] 19242, Kerkveld [/ towid].

In addition to Luiten, eight-year-old Jopie Hoveling is buried in the cemetery. Jopie was killed on 20 September 1944 by the crashing plane of the Polish pilot Tadeusz Jankowski. Jopie was buried in the Nicolaaskerkhof. The Polish pilot was initially also buried there, but he was reburied on the Polish plot in Breda.

The victims are commemorated on the [towid] 4214, war memorial [/ towid] in Jutphaas.

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