Frank Doucette Memorial

Monument in Lierop with the following text:

Burried here Sergeant Airman Frank E. Doucette
Mass. U.S.A.
12 Feb. 1922
Killed as an active member of the underground resistance in Lierop on
19 Sept. 1944

This monument was founded in the memory of Frank E. Doucette who's body was transported earlier to his fatherland America.
Sept. 1974

Those who died of War activities:
Johanna Kusters Brouwers
Christien van Rooy
Sept. 1999

From the Big church in Lierop you'll go left passing the supermarket. Then you a right on the footpath(Van Dijksstraat).Then one time left and one time tto the right. You are now on the square the monument is on.

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