Lancaster Memorial Melderslo

On May 26, 2012, a new monument for a crashed Lancaster bomber was unveiled in Melderslo. The bomber, a Lancaster MK III, W-4998, code-HW-J, of the 100th Squadron, crashed around 2:35 in the morning. The bomber had taken off from the Grimsby airfield near the village of Waltham in Lincolnshire with Düsseldorf as target. It was shot down by FLAK. 5 crew members were killed:
- F/S. A.T.W. Moore (p)
- Sgt. P.C. Stone (nav)
- Sgt. L.C. Maunsell (ag)
- F/S. L.C. Wood (wop/ag)
- Sgt. M. Keogh (ag)

They are buried in the cemetery Jonkerbos in Nijmegen. 2 crew members survived the crash:
- Sgt. E.S.C. Wilkins (fe)
- P/O. Coventry (ba)

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