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War Memorial Rijswijk

At Het Haantje near the rail road crossing on October 7th, 1944, ten men have been executed by a firing squad as a reprisal for an act of sabotage at this railroad by the resistance.
The ten victims were resistance members from The Hague who had been arrested one week before the fatal date.
They were not involved with the sabotage at the railway.

Text on the plaque:
For those that fell
7 October 1944
F. Britzel. H. Stavast.
W.R.H. van Golberdinge. P.Stavast.
C.D. van 't Hoff. P. Bogaard.
R.F. Koopmans. J.A.A.M. de Waal.
K. de Vries. H.G. Schram.

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg / Gemeente Rijswijk.
  • Photos: Rob & Cobie Kuiper