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The List of Master Braaksma

A framed pen drawing showing a list of 41 names. The proposition exudes an almost biblical atmosphere, an angel offers the viewer the two name columns if it were the wettafels with the Ten Commandments.

The list of names is after the liberation of Assen prepared by Lammert Braaksma, then Head of the public elementary school Emmastraat and processed by his daughter Dina Braaksma in a pen drawing.
J.L.Hooning Duyvenbode kalligraphed the 41 names of Asser War Victims

The list includes the following names:

H.Andringa, B.P.Lunshof, J.H.Boiten, H.Lun, A.Brader, J.Muskee, J.W.Brinkman, J.E.Philipsen, C.Broerse, C.Reinhardus, H.Drenthe, A.Roggema, W.G.van Dijk, H.de Ruiter, R.Eising, H.J.de Ruiter, Mej. A.W.Groen, J.de Ruiter, M.groen, A.M.Smallenbroek, E.de Haan, A.P.Smitshuijsen, J.van Haarst, L.Steen, C.Hakkert, C.Stellingwerf, H.Ham, P.Tuinstra, H.Holthuis, B.Veenstra, J.van Houten, H.Holthuis, B.Veenstra, J.van Houten, G.C.van Veggel, B.de Jong, J.N.Veldman, P.Keijzer, D.Verhagen, G.W.Kleine, C.de Vos van Steenwijk, M.Kramer, D.J.Weidgraaf, H.Laferte.

The list of Braaksma is currently not in the Emma School and is temporarily housed in the archives of the Historical Society Assen.

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