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Collection '40-'45

Who are we
René and Germa Broere, the proud owners of the smallest war museum in the Netherlands in Beekbergen!
It was born for decades out of a passion for the Second World War and with the conviction 'lest we forget'.

What to see
Mobilization 1939, rise of fascism, persecution and liberation are main themes. Over the course of the museum's existence, much is unique. With us you will not find army vehicles, many weapons or uniforms. We show you our special objects, objects with their own story. We tell you personally; who owned it and what is the story behind the object.
It is the story of people like you and us, in a special time.

Historically circular
But there's more! If you would like to see the surroundings of Beekbergen in a completely different way, we can set off together in an old army truck. We will then tell you the special stories of the Veluwe in an approximately 3 hour tour.

Opening hours
By appointment on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and we are open when the 'museum open' sign is outside!

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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