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Collection '40-'45

The tiny museum at the Dorpstraat in Beekbergen is a unique collection of things and documents from the Second World War. The origin of the collection has begun with René Broere who collected fanatically everything that was related to the Second World War. His Jewish background and the fact that his mother was actively involved in the resistance movement are the reasons for his hobby.
The collection defers from other collections and expositions in many aspects. Grotesque exhibitions of uniforms or weaponry are lacking; on the contrary there are many small and personal possessions like letters, books, photographs, documents of both Germans and Dutchmen. Remarkable are the many things that relate to the area.

Each and every subject is characteristic for ‘something’ with, where possible, also the story behind it. That specific helmet, that spade, that single medal, the coat, the bullet, that one shoe. Who used it, who was wearing it? What did he or she represent?

Collection ’40 – ‘ 45 doesn’t pretend anything and doesn’t try to imitate anything but tries in its very own way to provide a picture about a period that nobody will wish to ever return again. Not for us but certainly not for our children or grand children.

Each year the choice is made for another subject in order to demonstrate each time another part of the collection. Regularly parts of the collection are being used for educational purposes in schools.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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