This monument was erected in 1817 and commemorates Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Gordon, adjutant of Wellington. During the Battle of Waterloo he was in command of the Scots Guards. He died on 18 June 1815 in Waterloo due to the injuries he sustained during the battle.

Text on the monument:

"Sacred to the memory of Lieutenant-Col. the Hon Sir ALEXANDER GORDON Knight Commander of the most Honourable Order of the Bath Aide-de-Camp to field Marshall the Duke of Wellington and also brother to George Earl of Aberdeen who in the twenty-ninth year of his age terminated a short but glorious career.
On the 18th of June 1815 whist executing the orders of his Great Commander in the Battle of Waterloo distinguished for gallantry and good conduct in the field.
He was honoured with repeated marks of approbation by the illustrious hero with whom he shared the danger of every battle in Spain, Portugal and France.
And received the most flattering proof of his confidence on many trying occasions.
His zeal and activity in the service obtained the reward of ten medals and the honourable distinctions of the Order of the Bath.
He was justly lamented by the Duke of Wellington in his public dispatch as an officer of high promise and a serious lose to the country.
Nor less worthy of record for his virtues in private life his unaffected respect for religion his high sense of honour his scrupulous integrity and the most amiable qualities which secured the attachement of his friends and the love of his own family in testimony of feelings which no language can express.
A disconsolable sister and five surviving brothers have erected this simple memorial to the object of their tenderest affection."

"Repaired 1863 by his brother.
Repaired in 1870 and 1886 by his great nephew ... Admiral the Honorary J. Gordon ...
… by the Earl of Aberdeen
Repaired in 1887 by his family.
Repaired by subscription of the Gordon family and clan."

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