During the Second World War, the Germans constructed in the woods around the Paleis Het Loo one of the largest ammunition storage places of Europe. The munition depots were protected by several machine-gun nests and there were daily security patrols through the area. On 16 April 1945, the ammunition storage place was hastily dismantled by the Germans to prevent further usage by the Allied forces. The next day Apeldoorn was liberated by the Canadians.

The munition depots today:
To this day, the EOC (Explosieven Opruimingscommando) is busy with clearing these munition depots. When taking the Soerenseweg from Apeldoorn towards Hoog Soeren, yellow warning signs will appear on your right side after passing the second crossroads.

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  • Text: Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Kaj Metz