Remains German Ammunition Storage Buildings (M.A.St.)

In the woods near Kaatsheuvel, you can find remnants of the former German Ammunition Storage Buildings 8/VI (M.A.St.). During the Second World War, this was a terrain in the woods with buildings, parking places, bunkers and even a swimming pool.

A giant amount of ammunition was stored here. When the Allied forced were approaching, the ammunition and the complex were totally destroyed.

Nowadays some remains are visible: craters, metal parts, bricks, some parking places and trenches.

A hiking trail passes five sites of the M.A.St. in Loon op Zand. If you follow this trail you will see:

1. Parking lots
2. Bomb craters
3. Foxholes
4. Trenches
5. Latrines

At each point of interest you can use your smart phone to scan a QR code to get more information. The total length of the trail is 2.5 kilometres.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries & Eric Marinus
  • Photos: Paul Moerenhout (1,2,3) & Fedor de Vries (4,5)