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Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery

More than 70.000 victims of the Siege of Leningrad are buried here in 186 mass graves. According to other sources, 420.000 civilians and 50.000 soldiers of the Red Army are buried here. The statue of Mother Russia stands at the centre of Piskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery. Behind this stutue is a wall with the following inscriptions on it:

"Here lay Leningraders

Here are citydwellers - men, women and children
And next to them, Red Army soldiers.
They defended you, Leningrad,
The cradle of the Revolution
With all their lives.
We cannot list their noble names here,
There are so many of them under the eternal protection of granite.
But know this, those who regard these stones:
No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten."
(Olga Berggolts)

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