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Operation Market Garden

The General Sosabowski Foreland, named after major general S.F. Sosabowski (8 May 1892 - 25 September 1967)

After the onset of operation 'Market Garden' on 17 September 1944 the 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade was - much later than planned initially - brought into action at the Battle for Arnhem. The commander was major general Stanislaw Franciszek Sosabowski. Its allotted task implemented: the reinforcement of the in the meantime surrounded 1st British Airborne Division at Oosterbeek. A considerable part of the brigade landed near Driel village, south of the river Rhine. Only few of the troops were able to get through to the British at the north side of the river, due to a dire lack of boats. The remaining units on site secured an open road for the retreating British. It became increasingly evident that the Allied Forces were not able to lay their hands on the bridge in that instance. The Battle for Arnhem drew to a close and thus failed pitifully.

The better part of this failure was pinned on Sosabowksi in particular. His nationality and sometimes less diplomatic statements played tricks on him by his gruding Allied superiors. Consequently he was removed of his command and released. In spite of this all many people held firm believe in the outstanding audacity of the general and his officers and men. Rehabilitation by the State of the Netherlands was long in coming. On 31 May 2006 H.M. Queen Beatrix awarded Sosabowski posthumously the 'Bronze Lion' decoration. The 'Military Williams-order' decoration was added to the regimental colours of his Parachute Brigade.

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