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Médaille Coloniale

This silver/ silvered medal was instituted in 1893 but a number of bars were authorised in connection with World War 2 :

'1940 - Côte des Somalis -1942' / authorized op 26 December 1941.
'Erythree'/ authorized on March 26th, 1942.
'Fezzan'/ authorized on March 26th, 1942.
'Koufra'/ authorized on March 26th 1942.
'Libye'/ authorized on March 26th 1942.
'Ethiopie'/ authorized on August 1st 1942.
'Bir Hakeim 1942'/ authorized on October 1st 1942.
'Fezzan-Tripolitaine'/ authorized on February 23rd 1943.
'AFL'/ authorized on July 25th 1943.
'Tripolitaine'/ authorized on January 7th 1944.
'Tunesie 1942-1943'/ authorized on April 17th 1944.
The medal is granted to thoswe who hava taken part in wars, operations or expeditions in the French colonies and/or protectorates. It corresponds to the British General Service Medal. The obverse shows the head of the reigning Head of State, the reverse shows a globe with a trophy of flags and the inscription: "Médaille Coloniale"
The ribbon is 1.25" wide, coloured pale blue with thin wavy lines running horizontally. Down the centre is a broad vertical white stripe, along the edges a narrow white stripe.

Just like the French government in exile in London, the collaborating Vichy government instituted its own bars "Côte Des Somalis - 1941" and "Levant 1940 - 1941".

Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie* June 5th, 1920
† February 16th, 2000

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Ragueneau, Philippe19-11-191722-10-2003more
Raoul-Duval, Claude22-10-191910-05-2018more
Ravix, Laurent28-04-192115-10-1992more
Reilinger, Alfred15-11-190029-12-1968more
Rémy, Jean03-10-189915-08-1955more
Renard, Jacques21-07-190219-03-1980more
Rendu, Henri19-01-191523-11-1944
Revault d'Allonnes, Jean-Gabriel13-08-191428-05-1994more
Ricardou, Louis19-06-191005-08-1944more
Rivié, Louis25-03-191129-10-1994more
Rivière, Paul Claude Marie22-11-191215-12-1998more
Roger, Julien17-12-191910-04-1945more
Rogier, Mathieu21-09-190905-04-1975more
Rolland, Yves16-07-190917-07-1994more
Romanetti, Henri07-03-190905-08-1944
Roques, Raymond15-06-191423-04-1943
Rosenthal, Jean05-09-190602-08-1993more
Rosenwald, Jean-Pierre Gabriel29-11-192006-06-1942
Rossi, Georges16-05-191811-02-1942
Rossignol de la Perche, Philippe François Marie22-06-1919 
Roudaut, Constant01-05-191412-08-1950more
Rougé, Pierre01-03-191119-06-1941
Roumeguère, Jacques09-04-191725-12-2006more
Roumiantzoff, Nicolas09-05-190615-04-1988more
Roux, André07-02-190704-12-1983more
Roux, de, Robert05-11-189928-08-1942more
Rouxel, André08-12-191520-05-2004more
Rozoy, François22-10-191810-03-1987more
Rudelle, de, Henry02-10-191015-09-1974more
Rudrauf, Charles07-12-191928-11-2010more
Rysavy, Josef26-08-190423-04-1946more