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Médaille des Services Volontaires dans la France Libre

Those who had volunteered for service in the Free French Forces before 1 August were eligible for award on this silvered Lorraine Cross, which was instituted on 4 April 1946.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Abalan, Michel Henri Charles Marie05-06-192016-02-2000more
Aboulker, José05-03-192017-11-2009
Abraham, Robert Colbert23-11-192127-11-2004more
Agenet, Alain Marie Léon02-07-192228-09-1977more
Akar, Philippe Henri14-01-191925-01-2022more
Alibert de Falconnet, Roland28-02-191717-05-1944
Allegret, Émile Joseph Auguste24-04-190722-11-1990more
Allin, Georges "Claude"23-03-192426-10-2016more
Alloues, Roger28-06-192029-01-1997
Amiel, Henri François17-05-190727-01-1976more
Amiot, René15-01-191401-11-1985
Andrieu, Louis Auguste François28-01-192004-03-2011
Appriou, Jean-François25-01-192109-12-1980more
Arnault, Paul Jean Louis21-08-191109-11-1988more
Azem, Ibrahim07-01-192410-04-1945