Orden Bogdana Khmelnitskogo 2

This class can be awarded to corps, divisions, brigades and regimental commanders and leaders of partisan unuites, as well as to their deputies and chiefs of staff. The rays of the star and the portrait are all made of silver. The ribbon is pale blue and white, like that of the 1st class but has white edges.

There are four variations known. Variation 1 withoud rivets, Variation 2 with two rivets at 18 mm apart, Variation 3 with three rivets and Variation 4 with two rivets at 16 mm apart.

Grid List
Boiko, Ivan Nikiforovich* November 24th, 1910
May 12th, 1975

Brezhnev, Leonid Ilyich* January 1st, 1907
November 10th, 1982