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The German name for a submarine. German U-Boats (Submarines) played a very important role during the course of warfare until May 1943. Many cargo and passenger ships were torpedoed and sunk by these assassins of the sea.
British intelligence service during World War 2
United Nations War Crimes Commission.
Special commission of the United Nations which investigated war crimes.
In the Nazi philosophy the opposite of a superior human being (Übermensch), a human being with superior mental and physical characteristics.
USAAF / United States Army Air Force
The American air force.
Union of socialistic Soviet republics also called the Soviet Union. Federation of republics during Russia’s communist period from Russia.
Ustaša movement
( Servian-Croatic = revolt ) Since 1929 the name of the nationalistic organisation founded by Ante Paveliç aimed against Serbian centralism. The movement had also a part in the murder of King Alexander in 1934. After the German invasion in 1941 they came to power in the newly proclaimed Croatian State. The Ustaša administration had a reputation of being brutal. After the collapse of the regime in May 1945 a number Ustaša supporters fled the country, while others fought against Tito until 1947.

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