Bartram, William George

    Date of birth:
    June 1905
    Date of death:
    December 1963
    Service number:
    K.61946 / C/KX.99523
    British (1801-present, Kingdom)


    William George Bartram entered the Royal Navy on August 17th, 1923 for a twelve year period. He received his traininng at the Training Establishment H.M.S. Pembroke. Between December 20th, 1923 and May 14th, 1924 he served aboard the light cruiser H.M.S. Castor. From May 15th, he was placed as Stoker 2nd Class aboard the light cruiser H.M.S. Calliope, where he was promoted to Stoker 1st Class on August 19th and served until April 28th, 1925.
    After this he transferred to the New Zealand Navy and was placd on the base ship Philomel at Auckland and later aboard the RNZN Wakatura.
    He returned ot the Royal Navy on November 23rd at Chatham, where he stayed until February 8th, 1929 verbleef. From 1929 until 1933 he served aboard the river gunboat H.M.S. Scarab with the Yangtse River Patrol.

    In July 1939 William George Bartram joined H.M.S. Calypso, which was sunk in June 1940. He eventually served at H.M.D. Victoria I and was transferred in 1943 to the minesweeper H.M.S. Gozo, when she was equipped at the Toronto Shipbuilding Yard in Toronto, Canada.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Leading Stoker
    H.M.S. Victoria I, Royal Navy
    Awarded on:
    January 27th, 1942
    Received for bravery and endurance while Minesweeping, and when attacked by Enemy aircraft.
    Distinguished Service Medal (DSM)


    • Photo 1: Dave Bartram
    • Photo: Dave Bartram
    • - Supplement to The London Gazette of 23rd January 1942, Issue 35432, dated 27th January 1942
      - Family Records
      - Original decorations