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Gilmore, John Louis

Date of birth:
August 21st, 1918 (Sydney/New South Wales, Australia)
Service number:
Australian (1901-present, Federal Monarchy)


Before the war worked on the family plantation
24 April 1945 promoted to Lieutenant
2 July 1945 Married
14 November 1945 demobbed

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Second World War (1939-1945)
M Special Allied Intelligence
Awarded on:
July 19th, 1945
"For conspicuous gallantry in the face of the enemy while a member of an A.I.B. party operating in japanese occupied territory of Nem Britain. From the 28th September 1943, This N.C.O. was engaged in extremely dangerous missions, especially on the 13th February 1944 when he proceeded on a reconaissance patrol through the Terin River and Pondo, North East of New Britain to secure intelligence. Although the area to which he proceeded was known to ben occupied by the enemy and inhabited by native very hostile to Europeans, the former having betrayed many to the japanese, it did not deter Sgt. Gilmore who penetrated thirty miles into the area, avoiding numerous patrols sent to capture him. Although he and his party of fourteen natives were surrounded by the enemy, he was able by reason of his great bushcraft to avoid capture, but was forced into the inhospitable mountain region to the South East.

He was able to warn T/Capt Bates that the enemy was searching for him thus enabling that officer to prepare a defence. The enemy at this base was routed and a number of casualties occurred, among them being six japanese officers killed.

On 16 march 1944, while still in the mountain region and although suffering from starvation, Sgt. Gilmore began a long and difficult mountain journey in order to rescue an allied airman forced down in enemy territory behind Baien Village, Cape Orford. Sgt. Gilmore completed the mission on the 25th march, 1944 and had the airman (Cpl. Betz) carried to safety through enemy-controlled territory over a hazardous and precipitous mountain route. The fortitude and courage of this N.C.O. was a great inspiration to the other members of his particular party and the operatioon as a whole."
WO 373/45/17
Distinguished Conduct Medal
Second World War (1939-1945)
With "8th ARMY" clasp.
Africa Star