Martin, Frederick Lawrence

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Larry Martin commanded the 2/5th Bn The Leicestershire Regiment in Italy from 19th April1944 to June 1944 and was awarded the D.S.O. for his actions at Mondaino on the Gothic Line, Italy. As a Colonel he was awarded US Legion of Merit for his work as Assistant Adjudant & Quarter Master General, HQ British Commonwealth Forces, Korea, May-Sep 1951.

He was also awarded:
- Korea 1950-53
- U.N. Korea
- Coronation 1953
- U.S.A., Legion of Merit, Legionnaire (30 oktober 1953)

August 30th1926: 2nd Lieutenant
? Lieutenant
? Captain
August 30th, 1943: Major
August 23th,1948: Lieutenant Colonel
September 15th, 1951: Colonel
June 26th, 1955: Brigadier
July 23th, 1959: Retirement
May 5th, 1964: Ceases to belong to Reserve of Officers

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Temporary Lieutenant-Colonel
2/5th Battalion, The Leicestershire Regiment
Awarded on:
February 8th, 1945
“On 31 Aug 1944, 2/5 Leicesters, commanded by Lt. Col. F. L. Martin, had been fighting at the defences of the Gothic Line for three days and nights without rest. The Mondiano feature was a key to the Gothic Line on the Divisional front. That evening they attacked the village from the East. The attack was uphill and against strong German positions, stoutly defended. Lt. Col. Martin personally launched his attacking Companies. This was done under very heavy mortar and small arms fire. His personal drive and complete disregard for his own safety were an inspiration to his men, who, although without sleep for 72 hours, went in with fine dash and captured the village, killing and capturing many Germans. Throughout the ten days fighting for the Gothic Line, Lt Col. Martin’s command and leadership were of a very high order. His Battalion never once failed to capture their objective.”
Distinguished Service Order (DSO)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
August 24th, 1944
Citation (general):
"In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy."
Mentioned in Despatches
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
January 11th, 1945
Awarded for:
Operation Avalanche
"Major F. L. Martin was Brigade Major of 167 Infy Brigade throughout the 5 months active operations in Italy following the landing at Salerno on 9 Sep 1943. In the early hours of the morning, when Major Martin landed in charge of Tac HQ 167 Bde, an enemy CD Bty was still active on that beach. In spite of the enemy fire, Major Martin unhesitatingly pushed forward accompanied only by an orderly to ascertain the situation and get in touch with the forward Bns, and was thereby able to put the Bde Cmd in the picture when the latter landed. He also took two prisoners as Capua on 17 Oct 1943, one Bn had crossed the river Volturno but the position was obscure, and Major Martin himself pushed forward with a small party until he gained though and found out what position the enemy was holding. On several occasions when Bde HQ had been under fire and casualties had occurred, Major Martin was the first to go out and look after the wounded, even though the shelling still continued. His devotion to duty, his cheerfulness and his personal example have been largely instrumental in maintaining an efficient HQ throughout the period of active operations."

Originally recommended for a Military Cross but downgraded to a MiD.
Mentioned in Despatches


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