Hill, William Arthur

Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Before the war William Hill was a maintenance electrician. He was called up for military service on 15 march 1940 and joined the Essex Regiment.
During the war he was a W/T operator. Right after the war he was released.

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Force 133
Awarded on:
January 4th, 1945
"Cpl. HILL dropped into the PELOPONNESSE on 6 Jul 43 and since that date has been attached to the Allied Military Mission PELOPONESSE.

During his stay of eleven months in the country he has operated under conditions of great difficulty and hardship, without any Andarte guard, and often alone. On many occasions he has been forced to operate in hiding whilst the Germans were searching for him and his set. The most outstanding instance of this was at DHOUKA on 26 May 44.

In Oct 43, Cpl HILL with Maj ANDREWES, was surprised in the village of PYRGAKI by German Troops. Though these enemy troops were at the entrance to the village Cpl HILL managed to escape, carrying with him his wireless set.

His operating has always been of the highest order and he set a standard of cheerfulness which was always an example to the rest of the Mission. Throughout, his health has never been good but despite this he refused to rest.

I therefore recommend him for the Award of the MILITARY MEDAL

Karl Vere Barker-Benfield, Brig
COMD Force 133"
WO 373/78/413

British Empire Medal (BEM & EGM)