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Turnbull, John Hugh Stephenson

Date of birth:
January 10th, 1916 (Montrose/Angus, United Kingdom)
Date of death:
June 26th, 2004 (Comrie/Perthshire, United Kingdom)
Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Captain
No. 1 Commando, 168th Regimental Combat Team, 34th Infantry Division, U.S. Army
Awarded on:
October 7th, 1943
Awarded for:
Operation Torch
In recognition of gallant and distinguished services in North Africa.
This officer conducted his Section throughout the Operation and displayed the highest standard of leadership at all times. During the period of the Operation after engaging the enemy with great effect he was ordered to withdraw his Secton. To do this he had to get them through a very heavy curtain of fire and in the process found some of his men who were wounded, and he personally attempted to extricate one of them and succeeded in getting him in to comparatively safe cover. Having done this he again went back to find out why another of his men had not withdrawn with his Section. He succeeded in finding this man and in bringing him safely in to the Section.
Recommended for Military Cross."
Military Cross (MC)
In recognition of Gallant and Distinguished service in Burma.
At KANGAW HILL 170 (map ref 515414 sheet MYEBON East 1/25000) on 22 January 1945 Major TURNBULL, MC, was with the leading troops when under heavy MG and mortar fire the forward platoon withdrew leaving three casualties under heavy fire in the open. Major TURNBULL, with another rank, dashed forward into the open throwing smoke grenades and engaged the enemy with covering fire for a rescue party. He remained until the casualties had been withdrawn and then the last to leave helped carry back the other rank who had gone out with him to lay covering fire and who had been killed.
His complete disregard for his own safety and the speed and skill of his covering action resulted in the evacuation of casualties under heavy fire. Casualties who without Major TURNBULL's inspiring rescue would have fallen into enemy hands."
Second World War (1939-1945)
Awarded on:
December 29th, 1949
Officer ot the Venerable Order of Saint John (OStJ)
Commander to the Venerable Order of Saint John (CStJ)