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Plaque Ramie Union

This plaque has been bricked into the facade of the factory building located Enschede, Noord Esmarkerrondweg 419.

At the time the factory '' Ramie Union '', however, subsequently passed into many other owners and names, however the plaque with the names still exists and is present in the outer facade. Contains the names of 3 deceased employees of this factory Ramie Union, at the time of the so-called 'mistake bombing' where the factory of Ramie Union was seriously affected.
The Plaque also contains names of relatives of the van Gelderen family who died in some way during the war. The van Gelderen family owned the Ramie Union.

The names Boksem, Buiten, Buiten (the 3 employees of Ramie Union) are mentioned on the plaque.

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  • Text: Laurens Mentink
  • Photos: Laurens Mentink