Commonwealth War Grave Jewish Cemetery Moscowa Arnhem

The Jewish Cemetery, which is part of the large cemetery Moscowa in Arnhem contains one Commonwealth burial
This is the grave of:

Sapper Gabriel Sion, PAL/46325, died at 09-04-1946, age unknown
Royal Engineers, Jewish Bde. Group.

The meaning of the Hebrew text is: Rabbi Gawriel Sion, one of
Eretz Yisrael soldiers (Jewish Brigade). Born 5670 (1910) and
deceased on 8 Nissan 5706 (9 April 1946).

The tombstone is well maintained and because it lies along the walkway,
many visitors of the Jewish cemetery Moscowa find this special
stone. Every year, Atonement, the name of Gavriel Sion is called in the synagogue of Arnhem and a special prayer will be pronounced.

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  • Text: Paul Moerenhout & Nechamah Mayer-Hirsch
  • Photos: Nechamah Mayer-Hirsch (3,4)