Dutch War Graves General Cemetery Moscowa Arnhem

Moscowa General Cemetery in Arnhem contains seven Dutch military War Graves together. These are the graves of:

Died in Arnhem on 10-05-1940:
Willem Wouter van den Broek, Soldier 1-22-G.B., age 20

Died in Westervoort on 10-05-1940:
Jacobus de Ruijter, Soldier 4-lll-35 R.I., age 20
Adrianus Marius Jansen, Soldier 1-22-G.B., age 21

Died in Arnhem on 12-05-1940:
Cornelis de Snoo, Soldier 2-22-G.B., age 20
Wenzel Frederick Jackl, Sergeant 3-lll-8 R.I., age 22

Died in Arnhem 13-05-1940:
Jacobus Hubertus Melick, O.W.I.-8E.W., Award Bronze Cross, age 47
Johan Philippens, Soldier M.C.-lll-8 R.I., age 23.

Opposite the Dutch graves between the Commonwealth Graves's grave:
Res. 1e Lt. VLG. Waarn. ML. Ged. R.A.R., G.A.C. Overgaauw, died on 15-08-1944, age 26.

On General Cemetery Moscowa in Arnhem are a number of graves of Resistance Fighters from the Second World War.

These include the graves of the executed mans on 03-05-1943 in Arnhem:
Cornelis W. Knipscheer
Willem G.F. Weimar
Cornelis Johannes Veldhuizen

The grave of Adam Versteeg, executed, may strike 1943

Jan Zwolle, died in Arnhem, 19-09-1944.

On Moscowa General Cemetery in Arnhem are a number of graves of civil victims who died in the Second World War.

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  • Text: Fedor de Vries & TracesOfWar.com
  • Photos: Arjan Vrieze