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Commonwealth War Graves General Cemetery Moscowa Arnhem

The British plot on Moscowa General Cemetery in Arnhem contains the graves of 37 war casualties.
These are the graves of:

J. Shuttleworth 626490, J.R. Proctor 515376, H.G. Graham-Hogg 39516,
R.D. Pegram 66602, T. Rankin 758130, D.G. Heath 1240536,
F.C. Stewart R/72715, R.C. Selby 1377760, R.J.T. Lynn R/102004,
L.J. Dodd 1295445, L.D. Anderson, D.W. Stewart 152126,
J.K. Gray 1542873, D.E. Fabb 1802351, E.H.J. Morgan 1868859,
R.L. Coaker 1890818, A.L. Brett 183918, P.A. Wildsmith 936016,
H.D.S.M.J. Mackay 56034, S.R. Farley 143877, D. Keenan 1376154,
J.R.A. Hodgson 142863, A.G. Ballantyne 639777, K. Wilcock 985040,
F.J. Stoker 1209732, E.G. Seall 131979, E.C. McMillan 1345984,
R.A. Beaton 1385801, A.B.H. Sims 1397228, H.W. Traver R/133834,
M.B. Holdon 651668, J.N. Thorne 175902.

There is one unknown victim.
There are in this plot also three Polish War Graves en one Dutch War Grave.

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