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War Memorial Nieuwlande

The war memorial commemorates six villagers of Nieuwlande and six allied liberators who died as a result of acts of war in the years 1940 - 1945. The name of a resident who died in the Dutch East Indies after 1945 is also on the monument.

On the monument is, among other things, the following text:
In grateful memory of
our villagers and liberators
who lost their lives as a result of war.

The victims were:
Berend Boertien 18 years old
Bastiaan Bos 19 years
Evert Egge Post 18 years old
Johannes Post 37 years
Teunis Homme de Vries 22 years old
Johannes Winkel 20 years

The following were killed in the plane crash at Kikkertsveld:
G.W. Hewitt 23 years
J.H.F Cochrane 29 years
R.v.d.Smith 20 years

Died in the plane crash at the Zwindersche Kanaaltje:
H. Smith 20 years
P.W. Frey 25 years

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