Dome Prison Breda

Dome Prison Breda is a prison in the center of Breda.
National prominence was given to the prison because four war criminals, "The Four of Breda", were locked here. They had no compassion on their victims.
These four war criminals were:
Willy Lages (1901 - 1971)
Joseph Kotälla (1908 - 1979)
Franz Fischer (1901 - 1989)
Ferdinand aus der Fünten (1909 - 1989)

Willy Lages was released due to illness in 1966 and lived for five years as a free man in Germany.
Joseph Kotälla died in the Breda prison in 1979.
Franz Fischer and Ferdinand aus der Fünten were released in 1989. Both died shortly afterwards in Germany.

Dome Prison Breda has been closed since 15-04-2014.

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