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Remember Museum 39-45

The Remember 1939-1945 Museum was opened by American veterans in June 1994. It is a private collection made up mainly of objects abandoned by the GIs in December 1944 in the farm of the owner, before they set off for the battle of the Ardennes.

The various dioramas, divided up on three floors, trace the history of our region, part of which ended up annexed to Germany. The museum's mission is primarily educational, which is why all visits take the form of guided tours. This is a chance for children in new classes to take a history course with images and relief works. Many are the US veterans who have entered this museum, happy to to see that what they did for us has not been forgotten.

After their visit, all visitors feel a sense of gratitude towards the Belgian and American veterans who risked their lives to offer us a present that we shall probably never be able to give back to them: Freedom.

For current visiting hours, please visit the website of the museum.

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  • Text: Ad Smulders
  • Photos: Peer Franken (1), Jean van Wersch (2), Ad Smulders (3), Jos Bex (4, 5)

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