This monument commemorates Victor Hugo, an important French writer, poet and statesman. He arrived in Mont-Saint-Jean on 7 May and ultimately stayed two months at Hôtel des Colonnes. In memory of the 50th remembrance of his visit to the Battle of Waterloo, the erection of the column commenced in 1911.

Text on the monument:

"Un Jour Viendra Où Il n'y Aura Plus
d'Autres Champs De Bataille Que
Les Marchés s'Ouvrant Au Commerce
Et Les Esprits s'Ouvrant Aux Idées
Paris 22 août 1849
Discours au Congrès de la Paix"

"There will come a day that there
will be no other battlefields
That markets will open for sales
and that the spirits will enlighten with ideas
Paris 22 August 1849
Speech from the Peace congress"

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