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This list gives an overview of the casualties sustained by the 4th Battalion The Dorsetshire Regiment during Operation Market Garden.

At the moment the page contains the names of 13 Officers and 184 Other Ranks who appear in the British Army casualty lists. The British Army casualty lists 1939-1945 include over a million entries from the volumes which were updated by the War Office on a regular basis from 1939 to 1947. The lists document the names of officers, nurses, and other ranks who were reported as killed in action, dead as a result of illness or accident, missing, or taken as a prisoner of war. Later records show the names of those who were previously listed as a prisoner of war or missing but had died or those who were listed as a prisoner of war and were now free. Individuals can appear in the lists more than once if their status was reported to have changed. For example, Private L W Allen was first reported missing, then reported a prisoner of war and finally reported not a prisoner.

According to Martin Middlebrook’s “Arnhem 1944, the Airborne Battle”, 315 men crossed the river Rhine during the night of 24/25 September. 75 were able to escape. Also, the Battalion's War Diary shows a similar decrease in the unit's strength between 23 September (833 men) and 26 September (583 men). Based on these sources the actual number of casualties should be somewhere around 240 men. Therefore it is assumed that this list - based on the British Army casualty lists - as it appears at the moment, is incomplete.

Making the list online available, aims first of all to provide detailed information on the casualties for those with an interest in the subject or next of kin. From time to time new information will be added to the individuals already on this page. If you can help to provide any additional information (for example personal information like date and place of birth/passing, company/platoon served, battle or prisoner of war related information or medals awarded) you can use the ‘inform us’ button in the individual’s entry.

In case you have information on a casualty whose name is not yet on this website, you’re kindly invited to get in touch.

Related persons

Amos, Frederick* May 10th, 1914
† 1979

Barber, James John* October 13th, 1924
† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: C Grave: 8

Berry, Alfred* May 5th, 1907
† 1992

Biddle, Joseph* July 25th, 1917

Bidewell, Robert William* September 25th, 1919
† September 25th, 1944
Plot: 14 Row: C Grave: 4

Bird, Charles Randle* January 5th, 1914
† 1994

Bogg, Thomas Samuel* August 6th, 1914
† 1990

Bond, W.J.* February 14th, 1916

Brown, Charles F.L.* June 30th, 1913

Campbell, Harold† September 25th, 1944

Coverdale, Ronald† September 25th, 1944

Drew, Arthur* March 17th, 1913
† 1980

Duddington, Alf* September 15th, 1910
† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: C Grave: 14

Francis, Norman Lucien* January 7th, 1926
† November 4th, 2010

Hall, Arthur† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: C Grave: 16

Hiard, Henry William† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: D Grave: 16

Johnson, Stanley Wallace† September 25th, 1944

Lott, F.† September 23rd, 1944

Orr, Matthew† January 8th, 1945

Pearson, Herbert James* October 5th, 1923

Rhodes, H.† February 19th, 1945

Roper, Frederick George* February 19th, 1909
† March 17th, 1993

Schofield, Arthur* May 30th, 1914
† September 26th, 1944
Plot: 24 Row: B Grave: 7

Simpson, Walther E.P.† October 25th, 1944

Smith, Roy* November 28th, 1925

Spraggett, Albert Stanley† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: C Grave: 6

Stevenson, Reginald John† September 25th, 1944

Stokes, E.H.† April 8th, 1945

Suart, Joseph A.M.† September 25th, 1944

Taylor, Alec L.† September 25th, 1944

Tilly, Gerald* April 30th, 1909

Tilsley, James H.† May 11th, 1945

Worsey, Clifford Lorraine† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: D Grave: 9

Wyer, Harold† September 25th, 1944

Wynne, William† February 27th, 1945
Plot: 10 Row: C Grave: 17