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l' Ordre de la Libération

This Order was created by General Charles de Gaulle, November 16th, 1940, to reward distinguished services to the cause of the liberation of France and her colonies. The recipients are known as 'Compagnons de la Libération' (compagnions of the liberation). Charles de Gaulle became the only 'Grand Seigneur de l' Ordre', (Grand Master of the Order) on August 31st, 1947.
The badge is made of bronze and depicts a sword on a square shield with a black Lorraine cross on it. The reverse bears the inscription 'PATRIA SERVANDO VICTORIAM TULI' which means 'He brought victory by liberating his country'. The ribbon is green, edged with black and with two narrow black stripes down the centre; the black representing the mourning over the occupation, the green the hope of liberation.
This Order is to be worn directly between the Légion d'Honneur and the Médaille Militaire and is held in high regard in France.
A total of 1061 crosses were awarded in the order, 1038 to persons, 18 to military and 5 to French cities.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Farge, Yves19-08-189931-03-1953
Farret, Henry10-08-190824-08-1974more
Faucret, Marceau21-12-191914-04-2000more
Faul, Michel20-09-192016-01-1945more
Fauquet, Philippe07-11-192112-10-1944more
Faure, François21-02-189729-06-1982more
Faure, Marcel30-01-190622-05-1999more
Favereau, André04-07-190707-02-1989
Favreau, Benjamin17-01-191520-12-1994more
Fayolle, Emile Francois Marie Leonce08-09-191619-08-1942more
Feldzer, Constantin12-10-190929-12-1988more
Ferrano, Maurice30-05-190909-07-1981more
Ferrant, Louis15-03-190809-10-1979more
Ferrières de Sauveboeuf, Joseph, de25-04-191821-05-1944more
Fertet, Henri Claude27-10-192626-09-1943
Fèvre, Jean09-02-192021-04-1945more
Finance, Marcel26-08-191823-04-1943
Finet, Louis15-08-189722-07-1976more
Finet, Pierre12-02-189316-05-1962more
Fitamant, Jacques10-12-190516-04-1980more
Flandre, Paul29-03-189805-02-1978more
Flavien, Guy12-11-192001-04-1945
Floch, Albert21-05-192012-02-1999more
Florentin, Jacques08-07-191121-06-1992more
Flury-Hérard, Louis02-03-189803-06-1941more
Folliot, Raphaël28-02-189629-03-1979more
Fossey, Albert23-09-190916-09-1958more
Fougerat, Henri19-10-190912-06-1944
Fouquat, François17-07-192215-06-1944more
Four, Claudius21-11-189511-12-1943more
Fourcaud, Pierre27-03-189802-05-1998more
Fournier de la Barre, Louis29-04-192118-12-1969more
Fournier, Jean21-05-191726-08-1961more
Fourquet, Michel09-06-191420-11-1992more
Fourrier, Pierre27-08-189821-06-1941
Franoul, Yvan13-08-190006-12-1986more
Fratacci, Philippe25-01-191705-04-2002more
Frémond, Pierre24-01-191006-11-1996more
Frenay, Henri19-11-190506-08-1988more
Frotier de Bagneux, Geoffroy29-12-190914-10-1973
Fruchaud, Henri16-07-189411-08-1960more
Fuchs, Bernard10-08-191631-10-2005more
Furst, Roger22-05-191213-11-0972more