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Wolfe, Edward Chatham

Date of birth:
November 9th, 1911 (Hong Kong, United Kingdom)
Date of death:
April 1994
Service number:
British (1801-present, Kingdom)


Before the war Edward Wolfe worked at a fire-engineer's firm. After a joy-ride in a Vickers Virginia and a De Haviland Moth he decided to join the RAFVR in March 1935. A year later he was granted a short service commision in the regular RAF
Wolfe received his wings on 30 july 1936 and joined No. 64 Squadron in October 1936. He was also very active in sports in the RAF winning many cups and medals for running and football.
After a conversion to Blenheim Mk 1’s for night- fighting in September 1939 Wolfe was posted to 219 Squadron at Catterick. On the 13th September he was posted to command No 141 Squadron. In March 1942 he was given command of 456 RAAF Squadron. More postings followed until the end of the war. Edward Wolfe was released from the RAF on the 17th December 1945 as a Wing Commander, having flown thirty six different types of aircraft and amassing 2018 flying hours, 459 of those on night flying.
He then started flying commercially in Iran delivering freight and passengers until his retirement in 1963 having flown a total of 11,375 hours in both military and civil aircraft.

23 March,1936: Acting Pilot officer (probation)
27 January,1937: Pilot Officer
20 May, 1938: Acting Flying Officer
27 October, 1938: Flying Officer
3 September, 1940: Flight Lieutenant
1 December, 1941: Temporary Squadron Leader
27 June, 1942: Squadron Leader (war sub)
1 July, 1944: Temporary Wing Commander

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Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Squadron Leader
Awarded on:
May 30th, 1941
"On the night of 6/7th May 1941, S/Ldr Wolfe was on patrol over Glasgow when he sighted an enemy aircraft. He immediately closed to the attack while ordering his air-gunner to withhold fire until they were within 20yds of their objective. His courage and determination in closing with the enemy to such short-range enabled him to remain ‘in formation’ while the enemy carried out evasive action, thus bringing his combat to a successful conclusion. The enemy aircraft still carrying a full load of bombs crashed to the ground and burst into flames. This officer has completed 174 hours night-flying since the outbreak of war during which time he has carried out no less than 40 operational flights by night. Since assuming command of 141 Squadron in September 1940 he has always shown great determination, skill and courage and his leadership has undoubtedly imbued his pilots with the same characteristics."
Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on:
June 14th, 1945
Mentioned in Dispatches
Second World War (1939-1945)
Acting Wing Commander
Awarded on:
July 9th, 1946
Haakon VII's frihetskors
Second World War (1939-1945)

1939-1945 Star


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