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Stützpunkt 89 Fulda - Dombunker

This strongpoint is located on the western outskirts of Calais on both sides of the northern part of the Rue de Verdun.

Stützpunkt 89 Fulda belonged tot the Eisenbahnartilleriebatterie E710, which was part of the Eisenbahnartillerieabteilung 725. The strongpoint was commanded by Hauptmann Metzger, seconded by Oberleutnant Selse.

In the early part of the war the battery's tactical function was fire support for Operation Seelöwe. Later in the war the battery was used to fire on English batteries across the Channel and to provide 360° defences for the port and city of Calais.

Originally, this strongpoint was called Stützpunkt 151 Feige, but in June 1944 it was renamed Stützpunkt 89 Fulda. From this strongpoint a dyke, Digue Royal, runs all the way until the Mont Vasseur. As early as in 1940 28cm railway guns were positioned here, first to support Operation Seelöwe, later to be able to shell Dover and the heavy British guns. The strongpoint also contained a Gerätebatterie, destined to defend the battery against land attack and equipped with 4x 15,5cm sFH414 (f).

In February 1944 the strongpoint was transferred from Eisenbahnartillerieabteilung 702 to EAA (Eisenbahnartillerieabteilung) 725.

The most impressive bunkers, to be found on the grounds of a car manufacturer, are a Dombunker (built in 1940 for the protection of one of the guns from air attack) and an ammunition bunker. Dombunker were concrete tunnels of 80 metres long and with walls of 2.5 metres thick. In all, 3 such bunkers were built and all three have survived today.

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  • Text: Kaj Metz & Niek Krekels
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