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Lock 11

The Sluis XI bridge in Someren, was an important arterial road for the transit of all traffic from Eindhoven to Venlo in 1940. There was no other connection at the time.

Dutch soldiers defended themselves, but could not compete with this great resistance. On 11 May 1940, 12 soldiers were killed in Someren and five more in the immediate vicinity. In the hospitals of Venlo, Eindhoven and Utrecht, 3 more soldiers died later who were seriously injured in this battle.
The deceased soldiers:

Kees van den Brandt 1907 - 1940 Conscript soldier 3-II-30 Infantry Regiment.
Toon van Dongen 1908 - 1940. Conscript soldier machine gun company infantry.
Hubert Arnold Huijs 1919-1940. Conscript soldier, 2nd Border Battalion.
Cornelis Struijs 1911 - 1940. Conscript infantry soldier, Peeldivisie.
Hendrik van der Weerden 1909 - 1940. Conscript soldier MC-III-26 R.I.
Machiel Peeter Bruijnooge 1908 - 1940. Sergeant MC-II-30 R.I.
Albert van Meeteren 1906 - 1940. Conscript soldier 3-III-41 R.I.
Johannes den Teuling 1913 - 1940. Conscript soldier, staff 30e Regiment Infanterie.
Jan Vermetten 1905 - 1940. Conscript soldier II-30 Infantry Regiment.
Antoon van den Akker 1908 - 1940. Conscript soldier.
Antoon Damen 1905 - 1940. Conscript soldier.
Wilhelmus van Benthem 1919 - 1940. Conscript soldier.
Antonie den Hartog 1909 - 1940. Conscript soldier MC-II-30 R.I.
Jan Arie van Vugt 1910 -1940. Conscript Corporal MC-II-30 R.I.
Gradus Velthoen 1917 - 1940. Conscript Corporal 2-II-30 R.I.
Philippus H. F. Damshuiser 1908 - 1940. Sergeant 1-II-30 R.I.

During the battle between the Dutch and the Germans on 11 May, a young civilian was also killed. Johannes Gielen, 20 years old, was fatally wounded during his flight from the violence of war. He came from Liessel. Johannes is buried at the Lambertuskerkhof in Someren.

This lock was also the center of heavy fighting between VIII Corps ground forces and German elements in September 1944.

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  • Text: Frans Meeuws en Kaj Metz
  • Photos: Frans Meeuws (1, 3), IWM (B 10291) (2)

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