Monument Saint-Joris and the Dragon Den Bosch

This Memorial, Saint-Joris and the Dragon commemorates two residents of ' s-Hertogenbosch, who died on October 25th 1944.

Both boys were Harry Rovers (22 years) and Jacques Verhees (16 years). They were killed during the liberation of Den Bosch, they were affected by a grenade. At that time, as scouts they helped a family to evacuate.

During the liberation, the usual cemetery 'Orthen' was not available for that reason the two boys were buried in the garden at the Willem van Oranjelaan. After the war, the city council gave permission to maintain the graves at this location. This makes this place very special, burials outside a cemetery are very rare.

In 1949 this Memorial was placed on the grave.

Text on the foot of the monument:

Harry Rovers ^ 19 April 1922
Jacques Verhees ^ 14 April 1928

They fell in fulfilling
Of Their Explorer Duty
On 25 October 1944

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