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Memorial Arnemuiden Cemetery

The monument consists of a wooden cross.
On both sides two smaller plaques have been placed against the cross, one in memory of the deceased in the former Dutch East Indies, the other plaque is in memory of the victims in the years 1940 – 1945.

The text on this smaller plaque reads:
Victims of
war violence
1940 – 1945

Around the cross five large plaques have been placed.

One plaque for the French soldiers that fell during the war activities.

The text on this plaque can be translated as follows:
Deceased French soldiers.
Followed by twenty names of the victims.
Below the names on the plaque the text
"Mort pour la patrie". (Died for their fatherland).

On the other four plaques the names of the victims that died below the text: In Memoriam.
The memorial contains the following names of the victims:
Baaijens, W.A.
Baaijens, J.
Oosterling, P.
Doeser, B.A.
Blaasse, J.
Schroevers, L.
Dingemanse, W.
van de Ketterij, L.
Meerman, A.
van Belzen, Js.
van Belzen, J.
Meerman, A.
Van Belzen, Rzn. C.
Siereveld, B.J.
van Belzen, Jzn. C.
Siereveld, L.
Meerman, A.
Siereveld, H.
van Belzen, C.
de Kraker, L.
de Kraker, H.L.
de Pagter, P.
Moens, Ja.
van Wijngaarden, J.
Boer, Da.
van Wijngaarden, Ha. K.A.
Doense, P.A.
Barten, Ha.
de Kraker, J.
Dekker, L.
Gillissen, Ma. Wa.
Meulmeester, Wa.
Meulmeester, Iz.
Marijs, J.
Marijs, J.
Baaijens, T.
van Belzen, W.
van Belzen, A.
Sturm, J.
Sturm, J.
Goedhart, A.W.
Brackx, H.J.
Minnaard, J.
De Bree, Ja
Scheele, L.
Scheele, J.
Toussaint, Ta.
Meerman, Ja. Aa
van Dalen, P.
Poortvliet, P.
de Nooijer, A.
Meerman, Da.
Mulder, J.
Huiszoon, L.
Kluijfhout, W.
Eppen, P.
De Jager, C.
Meijers, Ca.
van Waarde, Pa.
van Waarde, Aa.
van Waarde, Ja.
Kaland, Ja.
de Rijke,P.
de Rijke, J.
Kaland, G.J.C.
Kaland, P.
Bliek, G.
Schroevers, M.
Caljouw, M.
Marijs, J.
van Belzen, C.
Marijs, Ge. C.
de Voogd, Ga.
Geense, Ka.
Louwerse, J.
Schroevers, A.

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