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Ehrendegen des Reichsführers-SS

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Lammerding, 'Heinz' Heinrich Dipl.Ing. (Waffen SS)27-08-190513-01-1971more
Lammers, Hans Heinrich27-05-187904-01-1962more
Launer, Kurt (Waffen SS)19-09-190605-02-1990more
Lay, Albert (Waffen SS)31-08-1901 
Lehmann, Rudolf (Waffen SS)30-01-191417-09-1983more
Liebehenschel, Arthur25-11-190128-01-1948
Liebermann, Paul11-06-1911 more
Lippert, Michael Johann24-04-189701-09-1969more
Lohmann, Hans-Heinrich 'Hanns' (Waffen SS)24-04-191125-05-1995more
Lombard, Gustav (Waffen SS)10-04-189418-09-1992more
Lorenz, Heinz (Waffen SS)12-01-1913 
Lorenz, Karl-Heinz03-07-191707-07-1943more
Loritz, Hans12-12-189531-01-1946more
Lörner, Georg17-02-189901-04-1959more