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Plaquette van den Staf van de 1e Afdeeling van het 8e Regiment Artillerie

The Command of the Afdeeling of the 8e Regiment Artillerie was placed in the Hotel de Grebbe and on Landgoed Heimerstein near Grebbe mountain during mobilisation. When the German forces invaded the Netherlands, the defences were place don the Grebbe mountain. The plaque was designed by Reserve 1e Luitenant der artillerie G. Smit and given ti the memebers of the command for their stay on Heimerstein and the Grebbe and to Majoor A. van de Wiel, the commander.
The plaque measures 70x50 mm and was produced by Koninklijke Begeer in Voorschoten. The drawing depicts a artillerist with his horse. Along the four sides of the plaque can bes een the text "VOOR TROUWEN DIENST*AUGUSTUS 1939-MEI 1940*HEIMERSTEIN-DE GREBBE*STAF I-8.R.A." (For loyal service*August 1939-May 1940*Heimerstein-De Grebbe*Command I-8.RA). A total of 125 plaques were made.