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Croix de Guerre 1940

The "Oorlogskruis 1940" could be awarded with Palme (in the vaitations Guilded, Silver or Bronze) of with Lion (in the vaitations Guilded, Silver or Bronze).

Grid List
Alexander, Robert A.G.* July 25th, 1919
† June 10th, 1944

Allen, Lawrence Arnold* 1917
† April 28th, 1944

Appert, Raymond Paul Etienne Marie* October 10th, 1904
† April 17th, 1973

Arbour, Joseph Edouard Jean Guy* March 26th, 1912
† May 13th, 1944
Plot: Joint Row: grave Grave: 4

Arends, Hendricus Petrus* December 20th, 1912
† December 5th, 1994

Arpots, Jean* August 3rd, 1919
† January 25th, 2002

Atcherley, David Francis William* January 12th, 1904
† June 8th, 1952