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Pilot Wing

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Carroll, John J.   
Craig, Douglas S. "Dainty Doug"   
Curry, Thomas Gordon13-06-191910-06-1943 
Claus, John G. "Jack"15-06-191828-10-1943 
Cash, Russell C.28-05-191922-03-1944 
Crow, Edwin Howard01-01-191610-05-1944 
Christian Jr, Thomas Jonathan Jackson19-11-191512-08-1944more 
Carswell, Horace Seaver "Stump" Jr.18-06-191626-10-1944more 
Clark, James Duane08-02-191609-11-1944more 
Castle, Frederick Walker14-10-190824-12-1944more 
Creevy, Thomas E. "Pig"25-08-192209-06-1945 
Cooper, Merian Caldwell24-10-189321-04-1973more 
Conroy, John Michael "Jack"14-12-192005-12-1979 
Crosbie, Maurice Gordon22-03-191915-10-2003 
Cotter, Harry L. Jr.05-03-192122-05-2006more