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Pilot Wing

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Macefield, James28-03-1920 more 
Mathis, William Henry02-05-1922  
Maurer, Russel I.00-00-1919  
McGaughey, Richard V.   
Menweg, Robert   
Miller, Raymond A. "Ray"03-10-1922  
Marks, Jack S.29-07-190917-07-1942 
Mitts, Harold E.00-00-191517-07-1942 
Mendenhall, Dean02-09-191916-10-1942 
Mooney, Robert Carleton14-10-191901-08-1943 
Mueller, Wayne L. 17-12-1943 
Myers, Jennings L. 22-12-1943 
Metzger, William Edward, Jr.09-02-192209-11-1944 
McGuire, Thomas Buchanan, Jr. "Tommy"01-08-192007-01-1945more 
McErlane, John Thomas "Mac"22-08-192121-01-1945 
McGinnes, Lawrence Howell15-04-192410-04-1945 
Meyer, John C.00-00-191902-12-1975 
Mulvey, John Ralph (Jr.)08-03-192009-03-1990 
Morgan, John Cary "Red"24-08-191417-01-1991more 
Michael, Edward Stanley02-05-191810-05-1994more 
Mirsch, George Ernest "Bob"23-09-192009-09-1999more 
Mah Bon Quen, Albert20-11-192106-05-2005more 
Mims, Hayden P. 02-11-2011more 
Maher, Richard P.31-12-192219-09-2012 
Miner, Donald Edward "Don" 00-00-2013