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Pilot Wing

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Harding, Wallace   
Hollowell, Irwin T.   
Hobrecht, Forrest Milburn29-03-191410-12-1941 
Haggerty, Frank C.00-00-191800-00-1942 
Hinton, Coleman 07-06-1942 
Heiss, Gustave M. (Jr.)25-04-191304-09-1942 
Hatton, William J.31-05-191700-04-1943 
Hanson, Ray G.29-09-192001-04-1943 
Hughes, Lloyd Herbert, Jr. "Pete"12-06-192101-08-1943more 
Hope, Dean P. 17-08-1943 
Hannon, James J. 21-02-1944 
Henry, Albert Leroy31-07-192305-11-1944 
Hamwey, Alfred J. 20-01-1945 
Harmon, Millard Fillmore Jr. "Miff"19-01-188826-02-1945more 
Hintz, Loren E. 21-04-1945 
Halfpapp, Arthur Ernest (Jr.)01-07-192124-04-1945more 
Huisman, William S. 07-11-1945 
Howard, James Howell13-04-191318-03-1995more 
Howze, Hamilton Hawkins21-12-190808-12-1998more 
Hills, Hollis "Harry"25-03-191531-10-2009