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Jubilee Medal "20 Years of the Soviet Army and Navy"

Grid List
Karbyshev, Dmitry Mikhaylovich* October 14th, 1880
February 18th, 1945

Kayukov, Matvey Maksimovich* 1892
October 28th, 1941

Khazov, Ivan* August 21st, 1895
April 13th, 1944

Khudyakov, Sergei Aleksandrovich* January 7th, 1902
April 18th, 1950

Kirponos, Mikhail* January 12th, 1892
September 20th, 1941

Konev, Ivan Stepanovich* December 28th, 1897
May 21st, 1973

Korol, Fedor Petrovich* November 10th, 1894
October 29th, 1942

Korzun, Pavel Petrovich* August 15th, 1892
September 16th, 1943

Kozyr, Maxim Jevsejevic* December 5th, 1890
April 23rd, 1945

Kulakov, Teodor Sergeyevich* March 18th, 1900
November 16th, 1943