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Goldenes Parteiabzeichen

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Adam, Karl   
Ahlemann, Georg08-02-187000-00-1962 
Ahrens, Georg29-04-189622-10-1974 
Aichinger, Erwin   
Akt, Erich03-07-1898  
Aldinger, Walter18-08-190421-08-1945 
Alpers, Friedrich Ludwig Herbert25-03-190103-09-1944more 
Altner, Ernst-Georg04-12-190112-04-1945more 
Altstötter, Josef04-01-189213-11-1979 
Alvensleben, von, Ludolf-Hermann17-03-1901 more 
Amann, Max24-11-189110-03-1957more 
Asmus, Georg07-10-1888 more 
Axmann, Artur "Arthur"15-02-191324-10-1996more