Legge, Brian Pauncefoote

    Date of birth:
    May 5th, 1920 (Snaresbrook/Essex, Great Britain)
    Service number:
    British (1801-present, Kingdom)


    Brian Prouncefoote Legge lived with his family in China and received his education at the Catherdral School in Shanghai. He was educated at the Exeter School in Exeter, England between 1934 and 1938. He joined the RAF in 1939 and his first operational post was in France with No. 73 Squadron. Later during the war he seved in England, Greece, Northern Africa and Europe.

    April 15th, 1939: Acting Pilot Officer;
    February 28th, 1940: Pilot Officer;
    February 28th, 1941: Flying Officer (war subs.);
    February 28th, 1942: Flight Lieutenant (war subs.);
    June 7th, 1947: Flying Officer;
    June 7th, 1947: Squadron Leader (war subs.).

    1927 - 1934: Catherdral School Changhai;
    September 19th, 1934 - December 31st, 1938: Exeter School, Exeter;
    February 6th, 1939: No. 15 Elimentary Flight Training School, Redhill;
    April 1939: No. 1 Depot, Uxbridge;
    May 1939 - July 1939: No. 6 Flying Training School;
    August 1939 - September 1939: No. 1 Depot, Uxbridge;
    September 2nd, 1939: No. 12 Flying Training School, Grantham;
    February 1940: Armament Course, Jurby;
    ?: No. 11 Group Poole, St. Athan;
    March 12th, 1940: No. 6 Operational Training Unit, Sutton Bridge;
    May 12th, 1940: No. 73 Squadron;
    July 1940: No. 1 RAF Depot, Uxbridge;
    July 19th, 1940: No. 1 (C) Operational Training unit, Silloth;
    ?: No. 6 Operational Training Unit, Sutton;
    October 13th, 1940: No. 601 Squadron, Exeter;
    November 1st, 1940: No. 249 Squadron, North Weald;
    November 2nd, 1940: No. 73 Squadron;
    1941: No. 252 Wing, Alexandria;
    1941: No. 102 MU Ferry Pool, Abu Sueir;
    July 16th, 1941: Delivery Flight, No. 102 MU Ferry Pool;
    December 1st, 1941: No. 1 Aircraft Delivery Unit, Cairo;
    December 19th, 1942: No. 2 Aircraft Delivery Unit;
    January 1943: British Aiways Training Unit, Vaaldam, South Africa;
    February 6th, 1943: Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserves;
    April 8th, 1943: No. 216 Squadron;
    Augusts 14th, 1943: No. 4 Middel East Training School Ramat David;
    September 4th, 1943: No. 216 Squadron;
    December 1943: No. 512 Squadron;
    February 1st, 1944: No. 575 Squadron;
    January 7th, 1945: No. 233 Squadron;
    March 2nd, 1945: Glider Pick-Up Unit;
    June 15th, 1945 - July 11th, 1945: RAF College, Cranwell;
    July 15th, 1945: Glider Pick-Up Unit;
    July 1947: No. 8 Flying Training School, Reading;
    January 27th, 1948: Australian National Airways;
    1949 - January 1950: Qantas Empire Airways;
    1950 - October 1950: Air Burma;
    1950 - 1952: Union of Burma Airways;
    1952: BKS Aero-Charter;
    1952 - november 1961: Shell Aircraft Ltd.
    March 1962: Southend Flying School;
    April 1962: Lloyd International Airways;
    January 1966 - March 29th, 1968: Chief Pilot Lloyd International Airways;
    March 29th, 1986: Retirement.

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    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Flight Lieutenant
    No. 575 Squadron, Royal Air Force (No. 575 Squadron, Royal Air Force)
    Awarded on:
    February 2nd, 1945
    Awarded for:
    Operation Market Garden
    "This officer has completed much operational flying and throughout has displayed efficiency and zeal of a high standard. One evening in September, 1944, he piloted an aircraft on a mission involving the dropping of supplies to our ground forces near Arnhem. When approaching the target, the aircraft came under anti-aircraft fire and was hit in several places. Nevertheless, Flight Lieutenant Legge went on to the dropping zone and released his containers with precision. Shortly afterwards the aircraft was again hit. Flight Lieutenant Legge was severely wounded in the leg; his co-pilot was also wounded. Undaunted Flight Lieutenant Legge remained at the controls. Although suffering severe pain and becoming weak through loss of blood he flew the aircraft to base where he effected a safe landing in difficult conditions. This officer displayed great courage and fortitude and was undoubtedly responsible for the safe return of the aircraft and its crew."
    LG 36920/700.
    Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC)
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Recieved with "BATTLE OF BRITAIN" clasp.
    1939-1945 Star
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Received with "FRANCE AND GERMANY" clasp.
    Air Crew Europe Star
    Second World War (1939-1945)
    Received with "NORTH AFRICA 1942-43" clasp.
    Africa Star


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