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Netherlands, the (1815-present, Kingdom)

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Verbunt, Henricus Arnoldus Adrianus Petrus* December 16th, 1909
May 26th, 1944

A-Tjak, Marcel Gerardus* July 18th, 1917

Aalderen, van, Herman Jan* October 4th, 1886
May 31st, 1945

Grid List
Aagtekerk, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Bataljon FrieslandUnits, branches etc. 
Flores, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Frans Hals, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Kampar, m.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Marineluchtvaartdienst, DeUnits, branches etc. 
Mariniers, KorpsUnits, branches etc. 
Mijdrecht, m.t.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Onbekende Verzetstrijder in NederlandUnknown Soldier 
Onbekende Verzetstrijder in Oost-AziUnits, branches etc. 
OnderzeedienstUnits, branches etc. 
Ondina, m.t.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Polydorus, s.s.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Prinses Irene, Koninklijke Nederlandsche BrigadeUnits, branches etc. 
Regiment StoottroepenUnits, branches etc. 
Soemba, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Tromp, Hr.Ms.Ships (naval and merchant) 
Wapen der Militaire Luchtvaart, HetUnits, branches etc. 
Wapen der Militaire Luchtvaart, Het . K.N.I.L.Units, branches etc.