Historical Collection Regiment Van Heutsz

The Van Heutsz Regiment was established in 1950 as a training unit of the Arm of Service of the Infantry and it got the orders to continue in the tradition of the KNIL (Koninklijke Nederlands Indische Leger = Royal Dutch East Indies’ Army). The Regiment was named after the soldier who succeeded after thirty years of war (1873 – 1903) to reach a period of relative peace in Aceh. A bust of Van Heutsz can be found on the square in front of the staff building of the Regiment. Also in memory of the war victims of the Korean War a monument has been erected.

The collection provides an overview of the KNIL-period (1832 – 1950), the Dutch Detachment to the United nations (Korea, 1950 – 1954) and the actions of the Van Heutsz Regiment.

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  • Text: Barry van Veen
  • Photos: Rob Meeuwisz