War Memorial Barendrecht

A brick laid wall has a cross in the middle of the monument.
On both sides of this cross two plaques have been mortared with texts that can be translated as follows:

To the left hand side of the cross on the main monument:
In memory of those
that fell in the resistance
1940 1945

On the right hand side of the cross the names of nine victims:
M. Maasdam
C. Keijzer
J. Veldhoen
A. Eriks
B. Moekestorm
J. Gouman
J. van der Linden
J. Prooi
J. Barendregt

The text on the plaque to the left of the main monument:
They did not return
Second World War 1940 - 1945
P. de Kok 07-06-1919 05- 03 1941 Atlantic Ocean
J.A. van Huuksloot 18-08-1916 27-02-1942 Java Sea
J. van der Hoek 09-07-1921 09-03-1942 Bali Sea
K. Vos 03-08-1918 15-01- 1943 Tavoy
C. Booij 24-09-1917 12-03-1943 Birma

The text on the plaque to the right of the main monument is dedicated to the victims that did not return from their mission in the Dutch East Indies during the years 1945 1950.

All the way to the right there is a somewhat tilted plaque for a single Australian pilot of a shot down Spitfire that died and four victims of a crashed American Liberator.
The somewhat worn text can be translated as follows:
Fallen for our freedom

Royal Australian Air Force
Spitfire XVI SM473
No. 603 Squadron
17 March 1945

Warrant Officer Jack Dawson Green

United States Air Force
Liberator B24H 42-94941
446 Bomb Group. 705 Bomb Squadron
5 April 1945

Second Lieutenant Robert W. Lajoie
Staff Sergeant Darell A. Waas
Staff Sergeant Leo R. Coyle jr.
Sergeant Raymond G. Theisen

Unites States of America

No one has greater love than this, to lay down his life for his friends.
Joh.15 13

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  • Text: Mia van den Berg
  • Photos: Dick de Bruijne (1), Mia van den Berg (2, 3, 4, 5)