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Ereteken voor Orde en Vrede

The Medal for Order and Peace is intended for soldiers of the 3 armed forces and of the Royal Dutch East Indies Army. They must have been in actual service for at least 3 months in the Dutch East Indies and the adjacent sea areas between 3 September 1945 and 4 June 1951.

Grid List
NameDate of birthDate of deathAwards
Baars, Justinus Henricus Leonardus "Harry"21-04-191901-01-2002 
Bagchus, Willem06-07-191810-03-2001 
Bakker, Johannes August12-08-192207-05-2016 
Bartelings, Charles Herman05-12-1921  
Bavinck, Koert07-01-1926 more 
Bax, Johannes Stephanus14-03-190203-04-1967more 
Berkhout, Cornelis Gijsbertus31-12-191906-02-2007 
Bernet, Louis29-04-192023-07-2016 
Besouw, van, Theodorus Joannes08-03-191903-05-2007more 
Boon, Jan Wilhelm26-08-1912  
Booy, de, Otto28-03-190407-04-1963 
Bouvy, Hendrikus Johannes17-09-191424-02-2001 
Bouwens, Hendrik   
Brackel, Frans Joseph Gerard14-10-191420-05-2007 
Breeman, Marinus Jan26-08-191825-06-2007 
Breman, Jan Frederik Evert27-09-192607-01-2020 
Broertjes, Nico Jan05-11-191514-01-2004 
Brouwer, Jacobus "Jacques" Gerardus18-03-192214-07-2005more 
Bulthuis, Jan16-03-192213-02-2012more