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No. 97 (Straits Settlements) Squadron, Royal Air Force

Grid List
Anderson, Peter Murray "Andy"* April 9th, 1922
April 11th, 1945
Plot: X Row: 21 Grave: 5

Boddington, Robert Anthony* January 5th, 1916
February 14th, 1945
Plot: 9 Row: A Grave: 18-23

Bridgman, Michael Joseph* March 31st, 1916

Collier, John David Drought* November 10th, 1916
November 2000

Cruwys, Gerald Herbert* October 8th, 1921
April 20th, 1944
Plot: II Row: G Grave: 1-7

Deverill, Ernest Alfred* 1916
December 17th, 1943

Ellwood, Mowbray January 12th, 1945
Plot: A Row: IV Grave: A10

Layne, Walter Henry "Wally"* December 5th, 1916

Mackid, John Goodsir April 28th, 1942
Plot: A Row: IV Grave: J3

Maltby, David John Hatfield* May 10th, 1920
September 15th, 1943

Manvell, Robert Edward June 24th, 1944
Row: C Grave: 1

Munro, John Leslie "Les"* April 5th, 1919
August 4th, 2015

Pendrill, George Edward Alfred December 18th, 1941
Plot: 292 Grave: 105568

Penman, David Jackson* October 14th, 1919
November 27th, 2004

Poole, Alfred Raymond February 4th, 1989

Roberts, Albert Edwards March 15th, 1944
Plot: 4 Row: J Grave: 1-3

Roberts, Frank James January 21st, 1944
Plot: 6 Row: L Grave: 10

Rogerson, John Inshaw August 17th, 1944
Plot: 5 Row: C Grave: 1-10

Skingley, Jack* 1916
July 21st, 1944

Stafford, Arthur Oswald September 23rd, 1943

Wilson, Colin Howard March 31st, 1944
Plot: 6 Row: E Grave: 3-7